Lithium Ion Micro-Capacitors Published in Energy & Environmental Science. Congratulation to Shuanghao!
Posted:2018-06-02    Column:2018News

Our paper entitled with “All-Solid-State Flexible Planar Lithium Ion Micro-Capacitors” has been published online in high-impact journal Energy & Environmental Science (IF=29.518). Many thanks to our cooperative scientists of Prof.Bao @dicp, Prof. Kang and Prof. He from Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, and Prof.Cheng from Institute of Metal Research, CAS. Congratulation to Shuanghao!

The ever-increasing boom in smart yet miniaturized electronics urgently requires on-chip energy storage systems with high performance, safety, flexibility, and robust integration, but tremendous challenges exist. Here we demonstrate the first prototype of all-solid-state planar lithium ion micro-capacitors (LIMCs) based on interdigital patterns of lithium titanate nanospheres as anode and activated graphene as cathode. The interdigital LIMCs were fabricated via layer-by-layer mask-assisted deposition of graphene and electrode materials, without metal current collector, additive and polymer binder. The as-assembled LIMCs delivered the record volumetric energy density of 53.5 mWh cm-3. Furthermore, they exhibited outstanding mechanical flexibility without performance degradation under repeated bending, superior electrochemical metrics and safety at high temperature of 80 oC due to high-stable ionogel electrolyte and free of separator, and remarkably modular integration of constructing bipolar cells for boosting high voltage, thereby holding great potential for future flexible and wearable electronics.

S.H. Zheng, J.M. Ma, Z.-S. Wu*, F. Zhou, Y. B. He*, F. Y. Kang, H.-M. Cheng, X. H. Bao. All-Solid-State Flexible Planar Lithium Ion Micro-Capacitors. Energy & Environmental Science, 2018, DOI: 10.1039/C8EE00855H

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