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Posted:2016-03-11 11:07    Column:Research

The Wu Lab’s research interests include graphene and 2D materials, energy storage and conversion devices, and their innovative applications in challenging energy technologies and environmental science tackling by the combined chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology and surface science. Our current scientific research concentrates on controlled preparation and processing of a brand new generation of graphene and 2D materials arranging from 2D inorganic to polymer nanosheets; rational design and synthesis of new-type atomically thin nanosheet-based nanostructures with precisely controlled chemical composition, structural morphology and physical dimensionality; multi-functional characterization of new chemical, optical, electronic, thermal and electrochemical properties; and elaborated exploration of these 2D nanosheet-based electrochemically active nanomaterials for the breakthrough energy devices, and fundamental studies of the charge-discharge reaction mechanism of the electrodes and energy devices with in-situ spectroscopy and microscopy characterization techniques. A special emphasis is placed on the synergetic integration of multi-composition, multi-structure and multi-properties of these functionalized 2D materials at the nanoscale, and eventually developing novel-concept, unprecedented performance advanced energy storage and conversion nanosystems, e.g., supercapacitors and micro-supercapacitors, advanced energy batteries and fuel cell.


Other Clean and Sustainable Technologies. Utilizing unique structure and diverseness of 2D nanosheets and their nanohybrids, the as-designed graphene and 2D materials will offer various notable opportunities for other green, clean and sustainable techniques in such as heterogeneous catalysts, CO2 reduction, hydrogen storage, water splitting, water treatment, seawater desalination.
Advanced Energy Battery Technologies. Combining the ultrathin structure and unique properties of graphene and 2D materials, we are of great interest in designing and creating high-efficient, low-cost, environmentally friendly, advanced energy batteries, e.g., high-energy lithium secondary batteries, new-type batteries that can challenge the state-of-the-art performance limits of traditio
High-Energy, New-Concept Supercapacitors & Micro-Supercapacitors. Through rational assembly and interfacial integration of different 2D layered materials, we are exploring high-energy, new-concept supercapacitors and micro-supercapacitors with integrated features of unprecedented performance, thinness, flexibility, scalability, light weight, and smart functions, for on-chip and bulk applications in diverse electron
Synthesis and Assembly of Graphene and 2D Materials. Using innovative chemical approaches and nanoscale assembly strategies, we are creating a brand new generation of graphene and 2D materials, and developing novel atomically thin nanosheet-based nanostructures with precisely controlled chemical composition, well-defined structural morphology and physical dimensionality for energy oriented nanosystems.
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
457 Zhongshan Road Dalian, China 116023
E-mail: wuzs@dicp.ac.cn

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