Planar Hybrid Micro-Supercapacitors Published in npj 2D Materials and Applications. Congratulation!
Posted:2018-03-28    Column:2018News

Our paper entitled with “All-solid-state high-energy planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors based on 2D VN nanosheets and Co(OH)2 nanoflowers” has been published online in high-profile Nature Partner Journal npj 2D materials and applications. Congratulation to Sen Wang!


Planar micro-supercapacitors are recognized as one of the most competitive on-chip power sources for integrated electronics. However, most reported symmetric micro-supercapacitors suffer from low energy density. Herein, we demonstrate the facile mask-assisted fabrication of new-type all-solid-state planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors with high energy density, based on interdigital patterned films of porous vanadium nitride nanosheets as negative electrode and Co(OH)2 nanoflowers as positive electrode. The resultant planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors display high areal capacitance of 21 mF cm-2 and volumetric capacitance of 39.7 F cm-3 at 0.2 mA cm-2, and exhibit remarkable energy density of 12.4 mWh cm-3 and power density of 1750 mW cm-3, based on the whole device, outperforming most reported planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors and planar asymmetric micro-supercapacitors. Moreover, all-solid-state planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors show excellent cyclability with 84% capacitance retention after 10000 cycles, and exceptionally mechanical flexibility. Therefore, our proposed strategy for the simplified construction of planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors will offer numerous opportunities of utilizing graphene and other 2D nanosheets for high-energy microscale supercapacitors for electronics.

S. Wang, Z.-S. Wu*, F. Zhou, X. Y. Shi, S. H. Zheng, J. Q. Qin, H. Xiao, C. L. Sun, X. H. Bao. All-solid-state high-energy planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors based on 2D VN nanosheets and Co(OH)2 nanoflowers. npj 2D materials and applications, 2018, DOI: 10.1038/s41699-018-0052-8.

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