Yangyang Liu

Postdoctoral fellow

Tel (office): 0086-(0)411-84379231

E-mail: liuyangyang@dicp.ac.cn

Research Interests

2D Materials, Fast Charging Batteries and Interfacial Electrochemistry

Educational Background

2021.09 - Postdoctoral, DICP, CAS 

2016.09 - 2021.06 Ph.D in State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University 

2012.09 - 2016.06 B.S. in School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Liaocheng University

Representative Publications

  1. Yangyang Liu, Bo Li*, Mengqi Zhang, Yupeng Zhang, He Zhu, Ni Xue, Ji Zhuang, Xiangyan Zhao, Xutang Tao*, “One-pot synthesis of soft carbon-combined Li2TiSiO5 composites with oxygen vacancies as long life and high rate anodes for lithium-ion batteries.” Electrochimica Acta, 2021, 387, 138469.

  2. 2.Yangyang Liu, Mengqi Zhang, Yupeng Zhang, Yang Liu, Lei Wang, Xuesong Li, Mei Xue, Bo Li*, Xutang Tao*, “Li4Ti5O12/TiO2 dual-phase anode materials synthesized in supercritical water-methanol system and investigations on its superior electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries.” The journal of supercritical fluids, 2019, 154, 104596.

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
457 Zhongshan Road Dalian, China 116023
E-mail: wuzs@dicp.ac.cn

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