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Prof. Zhong-Shuai Wu, as Guest Editor, and Prof.Xinhe Bao, Editor-in-Chief  of Journal of Energy Chemistry (JEC), together organize this specific topic of "Graphene and 2D Materials for Energy Storage", and cordially invite 19 topical contribution from the world-leading experts. Various aspects from preparation and assembly of graphene and 2D nanosheets to their energy storage applications in supercapacitors and batteries are comprehensively presented, covering the aspects of (i) preparation and characterization of graphene and 2D materials, including MXene, MoS2, phosphorene, boron nitride, metal oxides, and polymer nanosheets, (ii) assembly of 1D graphene fibers, 2D nanoarchitectures, and 3D porous networks, (iii) supercapacitors, micro-supercapacitors, asymmetric supercapacitors & lithium ion capacitors, (iv) Li/Na/K ion batteries, Li-S batteries and other batteries, (v) new materials, concepts & device geometries, with a special focus on graphene and 2D materials for flexible and new-concept energy storage devices. Now this special topic has been online published at first issue of JEC in 2018. Congratulation!


    This issue contains 19 contributions, including two perspectives, ten reviews and seven original research articles, specifically selected from the world-leading experts working in this field of graphene and 2D materials for energy storage, because we hope they will give you new ideas. We believe that this special issue dedicated to the energy chemistry of graphene and 2D materials undoubtedly represents an insightful and comprehensive opportunity for the researchers and scientists in this field. Meanwhile, we would like to take this visible opportunity to express our sincere greeting to all the authors, reviewers, editors and publishing staffs for their great efforts and invaluable contributions for the publication of this special topic. Finally, we invite you to read the articles in this special topic and see what ideas resonate with you and might be used in your future research works.

Outline of This Special Topic on Graphene and 2D Materials for Energy Storage is given below.

Preface to Special Topic: Graphene and 2D Materials for Energy Storage

J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1)               
Zhong-Shuai Wu and Xinhe Bao

Engineering graphenefor high-performance supercapacitors: Enabling role of colloidal chemistry (Perspective)
KeZhang, Xiaowei Yang and Dan Li
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 1-5

Graphene fiber based supercapacitors: Strategies and perspective toward high performances (Perspective)
QiuyanYang, Zhen Xu and Chao Gao
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 6-11

Graphene-based materials for flexible energy storage devices (Review)
KenaChen, Qingrong Wang, Zhiqiang Niu and Jun Chen
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 12-24

Recent advances of graphene-based materials for high performance and new-concept supercapacitors (Review)
XiaoyuShi, Shuanghao Zheng, Zhong-Shuai Wu and Xinhe Bao
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 25-42

The roles of graphene in advanced Li-ion hybrid supercapacitors (Review)
JunweiLang, Xu Zhang, Bao Liu, Rutao Wang, Jiangtao Chen and Xingbin Yan
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 43-56

Recent progress in 2D materials for flexible supercapacitors (Review)
YanHan, Yu Ge, Yunfeng Chao, Caiyun Wang and Gordon G. Wallace
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 57-72

MXene-based materialsfor electrochemical energy storage (Review)
XuZhang, Zihe Zhang and Zhen Zhou
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 73-85

Two-dimensional organic cathode materials for alkali-metal-ion batteries (Review)
ChaoZhang, Chenbao Lu, Fan Zhang, Feng Qiu, Xiaodong Zhuang and Xinliang Feng
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 86-98

Two-dimensional polymer-based nanosheets for electrochemical energy storage and conversion (Review)
ShuaiBi, Chenbao Lu, Wenbei Zhang, Feng Qiu and Fan Zhang
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 99-116

Two-dimensional metaloxide nanosheets for rechargeable batteries (Review)
JunMei, Ting Liao and Ziqi Sun
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 117-127

Two-dimensional nanosheets as building blocks to construct three-dimensional structures for lithium storage (Review)
DiZhang, Shuai Wang, Yang Ma and Shubin Yang
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 128-145

Nitrogen-doped graphene: Synthesis, characterizations and energy applications (Review)
HaifengXu, Lianbo Ma and Zhong Jin
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 146-160

MXene-coated silk-derived carbon cloth toward flexible electrode for supercapacitor application
MinminHu, Tao Hu, Renfei Cheng, Jinxing Yang, Cong Cui, Chao Zhang and Xiaohui Wang
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 161-166

Effective exposure of nitrogen heteroatoms in 3D porous graphene framework for oxygen reduction reaction and lithium–sulfur batteries
Jia-LeShi, Cheng Tang, Jia-Qi Huang, Wancheng Zhu and Qiang Zhang
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 167-175

Engineering two-dimensional pores in freestanding TiO2/graphene gel film for high performance lithium ion battery
XiaojunYan, Yuanyuan Wang, Congcong Liu, Min Guo, Jingying Tao, Jing Cao, Dongju Fu,Liyi Dai and Xiaowei Yang
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 176-182

Enhanced lithium storage of mesoporous vanadium dioxide(B) nanorods by reduced graphene oxidesupport
ThummalaJayalakshmi, Kottam Nagaraju and Ganganagappa Nagaraju
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 183-189

Graphene-supported bimetal phosphorus trisulfides as novel 0D–2D nanohybrid for high rate Li-ionstorage
Cheng-FengDu, Qinghua Liang and Qingyu Yan
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 190-194

Porous NiCo2O4 nanowires supported on carbon cloth for flexible asymmetric supercapacitor with high energy density
uifangZhang, Dengji Xiao, Qian Li, Yuanyuan Ma, Shuxia Yuan, Lijing Xie, Chengmeng Chen and Chunxiang Lu
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 195-202

NS codoped carbonnanorods as anode materials for high performance lithium and sodium ionbatteries (Communication)
Ajuan Hu, Song Jin, Zhenzhen Du, Hongchang Jin and Hengxing Ji
J Energy Chem, 2018, 27(1), 203-208

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