Lu Wu

Postdoctoral fellow

Tel (office): 18102480360

E-mail: wulu_1992@dicp.ac.cn

Research Interests

hydrogel, electrolytes, and sensor

Educational Background

2021.11 - Postdoctoral, DICP, CAS 

2017.09-2021.09 Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Dalian University of Technology 

2014.09 - 2017.06 M.D. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Northeast Forestry University 

2010.09 - 2014.06 B.S. in applied Chemistry, Northeast Forestry University

Representative Publications

  1. Lu Wu, Chang Xu, Mingshuai Fan, Ping Tang, Rui Zhang, Shuaitao Yang, Lujun Pan, Yuezhen Bin*, “Lotus root structure-inspired Ti3C2-MXene-Based flexible and wearable strain sensor with ultra-high sensitivity and wide sensing range.” Composites Part A-Appl S, 2022, 152, 106702.

  2. Lu Wu, Longwei Li, Mingshuai Fan, Ping Tang, Shuaitao Yang, Lujun Pan, Hai Wang*, Yuezhen Bin*, “Strong and tough PVA/PAA hydrogel fiber with highly strain sensitivity enabled by coating MWCNTs.” Composites Part A-Appl S, 2020, 138, 106050.

  3. Lu Wu, Yunping Hu, Ping Tang, Hai Wang*, Yuezhen Bin*, “High stretchable, pH-sensitive and self-adhesive rGO/CMCNa/PAA composite conductive hydrogel with good strain-sensing performance.” Composites Communications, 2021, 24, 100669.

  4. Lu Wu, Mingshuai Fan, Meijie Qu, Shuaitao Yang, Jia Nie, Ping Tang, Lujun Pan, Hai Wang*, Yuezhen Bin*, “Self-healing and anti-freezing graphene-hydrogel-graphene sandwich strain sensor with ultrahigh sensitivity.” Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2021, 9(13), 3088.

  5. Lu Wu, Longwei Li, Meijie Qu, Hai Wang*, Yuezhen Bin*, “Mussel-Inspired Self-Adhesive, Antidrying, and Antifreezing Poly(acrylic acid)/Bentonite/Polydopamine Hybrid Glycerol-Hydrogel and the Sensing Application.” ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2020, 2, 3094.

  6. Lu Wu, Longwei Li, Lujun Pan, Hai Wang*, Yuezhen Bin*, “MWCNTsreinforced conductive, self-healing polyvinyl alcohol/carboxymethyl chitosan/oxidized sodium alginate hydrogel as the strain sensor.” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2021, 6, e49800.

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
457 Zhongshan Road Dalian, China 116023
E-mail: wuzs@dicp.ac.cn

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