Certificate of Award Gallery

 "Talent Project of Revitalizing Liaoning" - Young Top-notch Talent  (2018)


SABIC - CAS Scholarship in 2018


Science Bulletin 2018 Best Paper Award (Jan 2019)


Member of the Academic Committee of Shaanxi Province Graphene Joint Laboratory 


The Winner of the EnSM Excellent Reviewer Award in 2018


2017 Security Work Advanced Team @DICP, 06/2018


Excellent PhD Student Award (First Place) of Shaanxi YanchangPetroleum (Group) CO., LTD, 06/2018


"SAN HAO Student BiaoBing" of  UCAS, 06/2018


Section Editor of Journal of Energy Chemistry (2018-2020)


National Natural Science Award (2 class, 2017, Program: Basic Research on Preparation and Application of High-Quality Graphene Materials)


Best Poster Award of International Forum on Graphene, Aprial 11-14, Shenzhen


Excellent Postdoctoral Work Lecture Award of DICP, Dec. 2017


Best Poster Award of The Fifth Session of the Youth Forum on Graphene (Dec 22-25 2017)

 2nd Place POSTER Award of 2017 Innovation in Energy Conversion, ACS publications Symposium

Dr. Yanfeng Dong Received A Special Financial Grant from CPSF

Young Editorial Board of  Chinese Chemical Letters  (1/2017-12/2019)

DICP 2016 "Youth Excellence Award" (April 7, 2017)

Corresponding Expert (Clean Energy) of < Engineering>

IOP Outstanding Reviewers of 2016 (Feb 03, 2017)

Excellent Reviewer Award for the journal Energy Storage Materials (Jan 27, 2017)

Certificate of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Grants (Nov 10, 2016)

   Liaoning "BaiQianWan Talents Program" - Qian Talents Level (Oct 18, 2016)

 Zhang Dayu Youth Scholar in DICP (Sept 21, 2016)

"2015 Best Paper" Award in the journal National Science Review (June 20, 2016) 

 First-Class Natural Science Award of LiaoNing Province (Dec 2015)

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
457 Zhongshan Road Dalian, China 116023
E-mail: wuzs@dicp.ac.cn

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